The UECVP was developed to support the Oceanographic Research Vessels of the UNOLS organization. This support is defined as providing portable laboratory meeting specific guidelines, which enable these labs to be used on all of the UNOLS vessels. There are two pools, one located on the east coast, one on the west coast. Funding for operating these two pools comes mainly from the National Science Foundation.

Types Of Portable Laboratories

How to Schedule a Support Van

Determine if you will use the UNOLS East Coast Van Pool or the UNOLS West Coast Van Pool. If you will use the UNOLS West Coast Van Pool use this link UNOLS West Coast Van Pool to see their Schedules. If you are using a UNOLS East Coast Portable Van lab, select the lab you require from the sidebar. On the lab page you will find schedules select the "Schedule CY" for the current year and "Schedule CY+1" for the next year. Check dates on the selected schedule for availability. After determining availability or if you have any questions contact Timothy W. Deering for the UECVP and Roberta Mesa for the UNOLS West Coast Van Pool